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Mission Statement: Our goal is to save all 306 acres of the Dorothea Dix Campus for a World Class Destination Park for future generations.

About Dix306

The sole purpose of Dix 306 is to conserve all 306 acres of the historic Dorothea Dix property as a destination park for every citizen of North Carolina - and every guest.

We need you to share this issue with your friends, neighbors, co-workers, relatives, online friends, and anyone else you know.

Dix 306 is a grassroots organization - this means you can take part not only on behalf of yourself, but for the children - yours or your friends' and neighbors' - their children, and on for generations.

By displaying the Dix 306 yard sign, you make a clear statement to our elected representatives: We want the Dorothea Dix destination park to be a place that people go to rest, gather with family and friends, enjoy the arts, celebrate our history, and perhaps connect with this breathtaking creation in which we live - our land.

As a grassroots citizen action group, we welcome the participation of every North Carolinian - and any friends of North Carolinians. Participation can include anything from proudly displaying the Dix 306 yard sign, making a donation, or actively working to spread the word about Dix 306. It is your voice - use it as you see fit.

Dix 306 members are acutely aware of our responsibility as citizens of North Carolina to the mentally ill and their families - to provide unrivaled services and family support for them. As such, Dix 306 will remain resolutely heedful of any impact that conversion from a world-class mental health facility to a world-class destination park will have.

Dix306 is a 501c4 non-profit organization.









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From The Dix306 Petition

"We need to keep all 306 acres as public park land for the future. The park itself will make the surrounding neighborhoods attractive to the development others are proposing...please save the park."
Joy Haas

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